Social Marketing

You need help creating content that gets seen on social networks?

Need a consultation on how to optimize what you’re doing to grow your social networks as an influencer, entrepreneur or brand?

You don’t even know where to start??

Let’s work together! I create branded content, post it, build and manage an organic audience for your brand! I help entrepreneurs, influencers and small businesses make money using social networks.

Selection of Clients:

Ivory&Main – Digital Strategist

Grew social platforms from 300 followers to 30K+ reach on Tik Tok, Instagram and more. Produced all Bridal content and built engaged niche community.

Lashliner – Social Media Manager

Grew social platforms from 0-50K+ Reach. Maintained all platforms, created digital copy and managed online community.

Tori Belle Cosmetics – Social Media Manager

Grew social presence amongst 20,000+ sales representatives. Maintaining community, archiving images and optimizing user generated content to build brand awareness.

Girl With Curves Collection – Digital Strategist

Develop and maintain the digital strategy for the launch of Girl With Curves brand