Social Marketing

Does your relationship with your Social Media have you feeling super unsure? Do you find yourself asking, “Are we working together? Is it giving its all? Am I? Do we even understand each other? “

You know there’s massive potential for you and Social Media, or it wouldn’t hurt so much to be out of synch, right? 

That’s where I come in. 

I know Social Media inside and out. Create killer content to build brand loyalty, recognition, and sales? No problem. Optimize SEO, digital marketing strategy, and every Social Media tool at my disposal to build a brand from the ground up and tell a real story that people (read: clients and buyers) connect with? Easy. Step into something that’s not working and find the creative fix? In my sleep. 

Blood, sweat, and years of experience as both a Social Media Manager and an independent content creator later, I’m a pro. I’ve gone down the rabbit holes of how to hack Social Media to work for me, built a solid relationship with the illusive SEO, and of course become a world class digital marketing detective to know exactly how, when, and what to post to create impact – all so you don’t have to. 

You’ve got that special something no one else does. You’ve got the business, the idea, the brand, the vibe. You just need the tools, the strategy, and the expert in your corner. 

I’m in your corner – let’s do this!

Selection of Clients:

Ivory&Main – Digital Strategist

Grew social platforms from 300 followers to 30K+ reach on Tik Tok, Instagram and more. Produced all Bridal content and built engaged niche community.

Lashliner – Social Media Manager

Grew social platforms from 0-50K+ Reach. Maintained all platforms, created digital copy and managed online community.

Tori Belle Cosmetics – Social Media Manager

Grew social presence amongst 20,000+ sales representatives. Maintaining community, archiving images and optimizing user generated content to build brand awareness.

Girl With Curves Collection – Digital Strategist

Develop and maintain the digital strategy for the launch of Girl With Curves brand